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Time:2020-12-09 Preview:150

A well-known Japanese factory, mainly engaged in the design and production of various electronic switches, connectors, membrane switches, touch screens, voice coil motors and other electronic components. It is also a foundry for the core components of Apple’s smartphones. Due to the trial production of new products, it is ahead of schedule. The new SMT production line is launched. The company imports new SMT testing equipment from the United Kingdom and South Korea for customers to lease. Due to the tight time for customers to go online, they will be directly shipped to Guangzhou Airport after the production in the United Kingdom. During the National Day holiday, they will also work overtime to arrange entry directly to the customer’s factory. , And to wire, install, debug, and train for customers, and to modify the equipment track proposed by the customer temporarily, and the UPS installation was modified, which was unanimously recognized by the customer...

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