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SMT placement machine workshop production line electrical environment site requirements

Time:2020-12-09 Views:132

SMT placement machine workshop production line planning related content to share with everyone, I hope it will be helpful to SMT friends who are installing or adding wires for the first time. The following Gaozhen Technology placement machine will be explained in depth through "electricity, gas, electricity, plant environment, site size, air compressor" and other aspects.

1. Indirect electricity for SMT production vehicles

1. Power size, wire thickness

Current (safe current standard: 6-8A/m㎡)

Voltage and power: single-phase AC220 (220±10%, 50/60 HZ), three-phase AC380V (220±10%, 50/60 HZ). More than double the power consumption.

2. Voltage stabilizer: 380V±5%; 220V±5%

3. UPS

If the customer's voltage fluctuation exceeds the range, a regulated power supply should be installed (recommended to be more than 1.5 times)

If there is a sudden power failure in the customer's factory, UPS should be installed (above 1.5 times is recommended)

2. SMT vehicle indirect air (compressed air)

1. Air pressure

Containing solid particles less than 1 micron in diameter

Oil content is less than 1mg/m³

2. Flow

Air pump



Screw type


Remarks: The above is an empirical discussion. Each air compressor has a nameplate indicating the output air volume.

Three, SMT workshop temperature and humidity

1. Standard temperature: 20℃-26℃

2. Standard humidity: 30%-75%

4. SMT plant environment

1. The workshop must be clean and dust-free

2. It is possible to consider a 10W class dust-free workshop, and the standard is that the solid particle content is 100,000 and above 0.5 microns.

Five, SMT workshop site size

1. Reserve space for maintenance before and after the equipment placement site

2. Ground weight capacity of standard workshop

1st floor: 1500KG/㎡

2-3 floors: 750KG/㎡

4-6 floors: 150KG/㎡

3. When placing the equipment on the top floor, align the footing of the equipment with the beam of the factory building, and use steel plates to reinforce it if necessary to disperse the weight of the equipment.

Six, SMT workshop air compressor configuration

1. The air pressure standard used in general environment is: 5-6KG or 0.5bar.

2. The actual power output by the air compressor is required to be 2KG more than the rated power. After a series of procedures, the air pressure will be lost and reduced.

3. The flow rate is inversely proportional to the power of the air compressor. The higher the output pressure, the lower the flow rate.

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