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Preparation and methods for maintenance of the placement machine

Time:2020-12-11 Views:132

The placement machine is the most core automation equipment in the SMT process. It is a highly automated production equipment, which is equivalent to a placement robot. For this kind of high-precision production equipment, it must be properly maintained on a regular basis. Next, Gaozhen Technology placement machine will share the preparations and methods for maintenance of the placement machine.

1. Preparation for maintenance of the placement machine

Prepare dust-free paper, clean water, fresh cotton, ultrasonic cleaner, oil, butter, red oil, guide screw lubrication and grease gun, solvent, cotton swab, torque wrench, hexagon wrench, needle, etc. Maintenance process This process is just a general step. Each part can be maintained separately. Lower the trolley-pull out the trolley-keep a clean transmission track-leave the server-lubricate and maintain the lead screw and slide rail-remove and maintain the suction nozzle-remove and maintain Vacuum switch valve-remove and maintain the shaft-lubricate the nozzle head gear-install the vacuum switch valve-install the shaft-install the nozzle-open the server-the nozzle-push the cart back-lift the cart-test rotation.

2. Mounter maintenance method

The placement machine is a very complex, high-precision and high-tech machine. It must be installed on a flat and hard ground, in a clean environment, and work under constant humidity and temperature. The SMT placement machine must be maintained in strict accordance with the equipment maintenance regulations and adhere to daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual daily measures to ensure the normal operation of the placement machine.

1. Thoroughly clean the dust and scale generated on the surface of the machine and the electric board. This is to prevent dust and grease from being carried out in the internal parts of the machine. Of course, the main purpose is to prevent the electrical appliances from overheating. Cause damage.

2. The internal air circuit, solenoid valve and vacuum generating device must be thoroughly disassembled and cleaned. This is to prevent the electrical appliance from being blocked due to fouling. Of course, the vacuum generating device and the cylinder are all composed together. Department, so it is easy to cause component strain.

3. Lubrication of the sliding head and lead screw Wipe the sliding rail and lead screw with dust-free paper to ensure that there is no residual oil and debris.

Use a grease gun to inject lubricating oil from the screw, grease nipple on the slide rail, slide rail and the contact surface of each pair of movable screws until the dirty lubricating oil is squeezed out, and wipe it clean with dust-free paper. Move the machine head manually to distribute the oil evenly on the surface of the screws and slide rails.

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