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The quality of smt board feeders with different prices is also different

Time:2020-12-11 Views:132

Many SMT telescopic conveyor factories will ask, what kind of factory needs knowledge management? This is also a common topic. Now we have summarized the key points of knowledge management in SMT telescopic conveyor factories. I hope to come with you discuss.

1. Factories with high industry competition

The situation of industry competition is different, and the degree of need for knowledge management will be very different. Generally speaking, SMT telescopic conveyor factories with increasingly fierce industry competition are more important than SMT telescopic conveyor factories with monopoly strengths. Knowledge management. If the field in which the SMT telescopic conveyor factory is located is a mature field, the degree of competition in the industry will be relatively fiercer. Competitors will be more diverse and the level of competition will deepen. For this type of SMT telescopic conveyor factory, it has to improve the pace of knowledge management, otherwise the SMT telescopic conveyor factory may face risks in the near future.

2. A factory with the goal of pursuing and persisting in growth

To maintain social development, SMT telescopic conveyor factories must pay attention to innovation in knowledge management.

3. Strategy lacks differentiated factories

The lack of difference in strategy indicates that SMT telescopic conveyor factories are bound to face homogeneous competition.

The potential of SMT telescopic conveyor factories to survive by relying on their scale and price strengths is gradually diminishing. Experience shows that only knowledge management is the only way for factories to exceed scale and competition.

4. Factories with short product life cycles

If the life cycle of the factory's SMT telescopic conveyor is relatively short, it means that the renewal and improvement of the SMT telescopic conveyor factory will be relatively fast. Otherwise, it will not be able to meet the needs of the rapidly changing industry and will inevitably be eliminated by the market. Therefore, the shorter the life cycle of SMT telescopic conveyors, the more innovation and knowledge management is required.

5. A factory that grows by relying on employee skills and rapid response to the industry

Compared with other SMT telescopic conveyor factories, the SMT telescopic conveyor factory, which has grown based on the skills of its employees and rapid response to the industry, has to improve the introduction and progress of knowledge management.

6. Factory with fast process reform

If the SMT telescopic conveyor factory has to constantly change processes to improve efficiency, then the factory must have knowledge management, otherwise the SMT telescopic conveyor factory will feel that it lacks the ability to conform to the industry and will be eliminated.

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