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SMT patch production line bulk material processing method

Time:2020-12-17 Views:249

I believe that the SMT patch bulk material problem has plagued many SMT people. Today Gaozhen Technology is talking about the processing method of SMT bulk material.

As we all know, once the placement machine is started, the placement production line will inevitably have problems. For various reasons, many bulk materials are produced, discarded or initially bulk materials, or other reasons. Some bulk materials, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc., have no reuse value because they are difficult to distinguish and have low value. But for large equipment, especially some imported chip components, they have high value and can be distinguished and distinguished, so they usually need to be reused. However, for scattered components, it may be better to solve the problem if they are initially packaged in a tray or have a suitable tray, otherwise it may be more difficult to handle.

Generally, if the material falls less, the operator can fill the feed belt in time, but it is best not to fill too much at once and pay attention to the direction.

Bulk material handling method:

1. Collect old braids of a certain length,

2. Find a thinner tablet,

3. Use double-sided tape to stick a proper length of braid on the board. Note: Try to make sure the slots are aligned and fill the braid with bulk material.

4. Compile the program that uses the paper tray, and enter the self-made paper tray information into the program

5. Call the new program, everything is normal

6. Develop a dump control table.

If there are more bulk materials, you can collect some tapes and braids that are suitable for bulk specifications. Then put the bulk material in the tape and seal the braid with double-sided tape. When unwinding, you can refer to the original packaging. Buy an automatic woven bag machine and measure the parabolas with an LCR meter. Usually, you should pay attention to the same type of parabolas at the same time, and separate the parabolas in each line so that the operator can clean the parabolas. once. Divide them into resistors, capacitors and inductors of the same capacity. Then use an automatic woven bag machine to make tape packaging!


Efforts should be made to solve the problem of throwing rate. However, discarded materials must also be treated accordingly, because this price has not been cheap for a long time. But I think there is another thing: For ordinary LCR parts, its value is relatively low, so the value is not high and it is difficult to distinguish and process. It is important to focus on the main high-value, chip-like parts.

In fact, strengthening the management of incoming materials, strengthening the incoming inspection of packaging and other aspects, and strengthening the maintenance of the picking part and the vacuum generating part of the machine can reduce the throwing to the lowest level. In fact, material issues are the main reason.

Online operators must have a strong sense of responsibility. They can link the discard rate to the assessment and recycle it for timely use. If the resistance and capacitance are lower than the discard rate, there is no need to spend too much effort.

1. Anyone who manufactures bulk materials should be required to digest the bulk materials.

2. The bulk materials on duty are digested and processed.

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