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Why maintain the placement machine

Time:2020-12-11 Views:262

Due to the impact of the environment, on the other hand, it is also considered that the dust is not cleaned in time, and the large amount of dust or grease inside the machine will seriously affect the placement machine itself. The relationship between these advantages and disadvantages is affected. The service life of the machine. If the target maintenance and handling are not correct, it will easily affect the normal operation of the placement machine. Serious failures can also cause excessive pressure or serious accidents in certain parts of the machine. In order to avoid this situation from happening again, it is most appropriate to combine scientific maintenance methods for maintenance.

1. Clean, disassemble and clean the surface of the placement machine and the dust and scale on the placement machine circuit board. The purpose of maintenance is to avoid poor heat dissipation inside the machine due to dust and dirt, which may lead to overheating and burning of electronic parts.

2. Disassemble and clean the internal air circuit, solenoid valve, vacuum generator, cylinder, etc. of the placement machine; the purpose of maintenance is to avoid the inability to clean and maintain the grease in the air circuit in time, otherwise it will block the air circuit and cause the air circuit to be unsmooth. This leads to high throw; in severe cases, the oil stains accumulated in the gas path will corrode the solenoid valve, vacuum generator, cylinder and other internal sealing rings and components, causing component damage, and seriously affecting the normal use of the machine.

3. Clean and lubricate the moving parts of the placement machine. When the machine is running for a long time, due to improper environmental control, a large amount of dust will adhere to the moving parts (for example: screws, guide rails, sliders, transmission belts, motor couplings, etc.). The purpose of maintenance is to prevent the placement machine from being able to maintain and clean the moving parts of the machine in a timely and professional manner. If the machine runs for a long time under overload, it will inevitably affect the service life of the machine.

4. How to install the machine has passed the warranty period, can not run for a long time, can not carry out a comprehensive and professional overhaul of the machine, and some parts of the machine have hidden dangers (for example: machine line wear and tear). The fixing screws of the cable holder, the motor and the screw are loose, some mechanical parts have bad actions, wrong parameter settings, etc.), so the purpose of maintenance is to avoid hidden dangers that cannot be solved in time. It will definitely threaten the normal production of the machine. Therefore, the machine must be maintained in time. Check and discover hidden dangers inside the machine and solve them, thereby reducing the frequency of machine failures and improving production efficiency.

5. After the placement machine is placed for a long time, the related parts of the placement machine will be worn, deformed, and aged, and the deviation between placements is small. The most primitive parameters of the machine can no longer adapt to the current condition of the machine, and the placement accuracy of the machine is also affected. Therefore, the purpose of maintenance is to calibrate the machine regularly so that the machine can be produced with the highest accuracy and improve product quality.

6. Performing major maintenance on the placement machine can effectively reduce the throwing rate, reduce the number of alarms, improve machine production efficiency and improve production quality.

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