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How to solve the noise generated by the automatic loading machine?

Time:2020-12-11 Views:262

When the machine is in use, there are some improper operations, which will easily lead to a shortened service life, so we must pay attention to it when using it. The automatic loading machine sometimes has some problems when it is in use. The noise is only one. How to solve the noise when using the automatic loading machine? The automatic loading machine will take everyone to find out.

1. Reason for placement: If the machine is not placed in a horizontal position when in use, the unstable machine will cause machine resonance during operation. The solution is relatively simple, and it can be solved well by laying the machine flat.

2. Operating speed: The relationship between the size of the noise and the speed when in use is closely related, and the speed of the spindle is too fast, causing noise. In fact, the running speed and the production speed can fit together, so the solution is to slow down the speed.

3. Mechanical failure: Long-term use will cause the screw parts inside the automatic loading machine to become loose. At this time, it is also relatively prone to noise. The solution is to overhaul the machine and fix the loose screws and parts.

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