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What is the relationship between the placement machine and SMT?

Time:2020-12-17 Views:204

With the development of society, there are many types and styles of installation machines. I think everyone has heard of SMT installation machines. Do you know the relationship between installation machines and SMT? Let's take a look at the placement machine:

Mounter, paste printer and reflow soldering are smt production process equipment. They are arranged in the order of production. The circuit board is printed with solder paste through a pasting printer. The device is then reflow soldered on the circuit board of the chip component. The quality of the products produced by the three smt production equipment of smt and solder paste printing machine, SMT machine and reflow soldering is very good. The production quality of the previous production equipment cannot reach the standard production equipment.

First: As long as the machine always has switch control. For the solder paste printing machine, the steps of the operating method are to turn on the switch, let the machine return to the zero position, and then select the operating program you need; this is the first step of preparation, we have summarized 8 words called open zero, select the program;

Second: After the first step is completed, start to install the support frame, and then adjust the required width until the point you need. If you don't adjust it, it will affect the work behind, then start to move the baffle, turn on the switch, pay attention that this switch is not a machine, but a transportation switch, let our board in the middle, and then reach the designated position;

Third: After the above installation program is ready, start to adjust the computer interface and the middle. Confirm whether your data is correct, if you confirm it is wrong, you can click the OK button;

Fourth: Install the scraper. The position of the scraper must be adjusted when installing. After the adjustment is made before and after the installation is correct, open the mediation window and start production;

Fifth: Why is the name of the solder paste printing machine? It can be reflected in this step. At this time, start adding solder paste. The principle of adding is three points higher than the position of the squeegee, no more, no less, and this quantity must be grasped;

Sixth: When adding solder paste, check whether the printing paste is not local, or even this case. Of course, pay attention to whether the thickness is uniform, all of which need attention. If you do not pay attention, then the printed product is not qualified, so you still need a perfect product!

Seventh: In order to reduce cost and waste, we should first check whether the first product is qualified. If it is found to be qualified, it can be printed, but if it is not qualified, it needs to be adjusted again. Don't print N many blindly. If the first item is not inspected, if it fails, the latter is failed. Then the waste is more serious, so inspection is very necessary! The work flow of the solder paste printing machine is not difficult, but we need to be careful, every step needs to be carefully operated, and then step by step to ensure that each step is correct to make the printed product perfect!

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